Java Diagram Component : A Fast & Flexible Swing Diagram Component

Current Version 1.0.1

    This package is 100% pure Java(tm) designed for use with a 1.3 or better JRE. It has been released under the GPL license. The package implements a Swing component that enables the creation of many types of diagram, flowcharts or similar tools. Its designed to be very fast and flexible. The diagram component itself is similar to the JTable in that both components are designed to allow new renderer and editor components to be written to customize its behavoir and appearance easily. The diagram component should be a useful additi on to many applications.

    This component fits into the Swing hierarchy very naturally. Drawing and editing behavoirs can be changed easily by creating new Components and registering them with an existing Diagram object. Any type of data can be associated with figurins in the diagram, making it easy to adapter a number of purposes.

    Speed and flexibily are very important for creating a Component such as this in order to maximize its usability. Every effort has been made to enhance the performance of this Component; which is already faster than other similar Components. Hopefully this Component as a whole will be improved even further with you feedback.

    Currently, this project is packaged with an example program that demonstates one application of the diagram component. It is a simle UML tool called QuickUML. It supports a very basic UML syntax, and very simple code generation. If this example matures into a more complete tool I will migrate it to its own project.

  Created by, Eric Crahen 2000 <>, and released under the LGPL